Honoring Our Veterans

Having grown up in a military family, I recognize the service and sacrifice of our veterans and I want our country to honor them, not only in word, but in deeds. Nearly 70,000 veterans live in Congressional District 21 and when elected to Congress, I will continue to search for solutions that support our veterans and honor their legacy of service.

We must fix the VA. I support actions to allow all veterans to receive access to healthcare from any medical care facility in our country. No red tape and no mounds of paperwork. Our nation’s heroes shouldn’t have to wait to receive medical care.

Caring For Our Seniors

Many years ago our federal government made a commitment to America’s senior citizens by creating Medicare and Social Security. These programs are going bankrupt unless we enact real reforms soon. We must preserve these benefits for current retirees who have paid into the system their entire lives. But we must also enact reforms that allow younger workers to secure their futures. Congress can do better – we need problem solvers in Washington.

Protecting Life

I believe that each and every life is a special creation of God and a blessing from Heaven. When elected to Congress, I will fight for the unborn from inception to natural death and be a champion of the pro-life movement.

Education Freedom

Education is a fundamental aspect of our personal development – and we continue to learn and grow from the time we are born until we are no longer on this earth. Yet, our education system in the United States is lagging. We are in the middle of the road amongst other nations in world and this is not acceptable.

Every child deserves access to a first-class education. I support all types of learning from technical training to apprenticeships to on-the-job-training that prepares our students for success in the workforce. I believe that a child’s educational decisions are best determined by the parents and/or guardians. Washington shouldn’t be dictating these decisions to our families and communities.

National Security & Border Security

One of the most important responsibilities of our government is to keep our nation safe, protecting us from radical Islamists, and other threats around the world. We must ensure that our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines have the necessary equipment and resources to fulfill their missions, stay safe, and return home to their families as quickly as possible.

At home, we must secure our border first, and then reform our immigration system. I oppose illegal immigration, but support legal immigration. We cannot, and will not allow “sanctuary cities” to defy our immigration laws.

Reducing Government Spending

Just as we must balance our personal and family budgets to make ends meet, Congress should be required to do the same. We need a federal balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. The debt held by the public has reached astronomical levels and the $20 trillion national debt is irresponsible and must stop.

In Congress, we must reform our archaic budgetary rules to restrain unnecessary government growth and stop excessive spending. When elected, I will continue to support an open dialogue on finding attainable solutions to our nation’s greatest problems.

Working for Families

We work hard to support our families and to ensure our children have a better future than we did. This is why we must lower the tax burden that the government places on families so Texans – like you and I – can decide how to spend, invest, or save our own hard-earned money.

I support educational opportunities that allow parents to choose to send their children to a school based on their child’s educational needs. I support an extension of a child tax credit to support our hard-working families. And I support an end to government over-regulation in our daily lives.

The American people need leaders that are willing to leave political games at the door and find ways to work towards supporting the people.

Taxes, Jobs, & Our Economy

The American dream is based on the idea of endless opportunities. I am convinced that if we can work together in Washington we will find innovative solutions to support hard-working people everywhere.

For example, most working parents pay nearly 30% of their income towards childcare, and when finished paying the rest of the bills and taxes they are left with very little to invest or save for their child’s future.

Our U.S. tax code is over 85,000 pages long and each year hundreds of thousands of Texans spend countless hours and dollars just trying to comply with the code. I support a flatter, fairer tax system. Congress must pass fundamental tax reform, close special interest loopholes, and eliminate burdensome regulations that hinder job growth and family savings.

Conservative Values

American values have always been based on being a people of character and integrity. We have always been people who care for others, come to the aid of our neighbors, and place a high emphasis on our principles.

We must embrace those values that were instilled in us by our parents and grandparents – to work hard, support our families, and serve our community.

I will always stand up to protect our liberties that are guaranteed in our constitution to ensure the idea of America is preserved for generations to come and I will do all I can to help us remain one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.