As your Representative, Susan Narvaiz will bring decisive leadership and new energy to serve the people of District 35. Work with Susan to:

Support our Armed Forces

  • Restore funding to our nation’s military
  • Honor our promises to our Veterans

Encourage energy independence for North America

  • Build the Keystone XL Pipeline
  • Allow responsible exploration of oil and gas on federally-owned lands
  • Fast-track permits for natural gas pipelines

Create more and better paying jobs

  • Lower taxes on employers
  • Reduce federal regulatory burden
  • Approve to build Liquefied Natural Gas plants for export

Defend the border and reform immigration

  • Gain operational control of all borders; land, sea and air
  • Protect Americans from the influx of drug cartels and gang members
  • Make non-permanent immigration legal for temporary workers
  • Swiftly deport illegal immigrants who deal drugs or commit violent crimes

Control federal spending

  • Eliminate fraud and reform welfare programs
  • End duplication of federal programs
  • Repeal “ObamaCare” and rebuild it with market based healthcare options

Pass three Constitutional amendments

  • Require Congress to pass balanced budgets
  • Allow voluntary prayer in public schools
  • Give states the right to protect the unborn
Susan Narvaiz

Susan Narvaiz

Susan Narvaiz

Susan Narvaiz