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A Texas Success Story

Born to an Air Force family and then stationed in San Antonio when she was young, Susan attended South San Antonio High School attaining her GED while she was a teenage mother. Susan worked hard as a single mom to support her family taking responsibility for her life decisions. From waiting tables to driving a forklift in a warehouse, Susan held two jobs at the same time and worked overtime to make ends meet.

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"I will fight for common sense policy so desperately needed in this country, to limit government in our daily lives and to stand for individual rights. It is time we institute policy in this country that allows America to be known once again as the shining city on a hill – Loved for our compassion, Known for our resolve and Respected for our strength."

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Susan Narvaiz and Her Courage To Fight

October 13, 2014

Great article by our friend Red Sonja! It’s been a few years since I met Susan Narvaiz. Since that time I have been totally impressed with her courage and undaunted enthusiasm to try and take Liberal and Texas education enemy Lloyd Doggett down. This is her 2nd attempt to win the Congressional District 35 seat and she is stronger than ever.

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