A Texas Success Story

Born to an Air Force family and then stationed in San Antonio when she was young, Susan attended South San Antonio High School attaining her GED while she was a teenage mother. Susan worked hard as a single mom to support her family taking responsibility for her life decisions. From waiting tables to driving a forklift in a warehouse, Susan held two jobs at the same time and worked overtime to make ends meet.

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"I believe that each of us exists to fulfill a specific purpose in a bigger plan, God’s plan. Each of us is called to use our gifts and talents to serve others. I believe that whatever our work life is; whether you are a mom or dad, a police officer or firefighter, a teacher or a doctor, a retail associate or a chef, a construction worker or electrician, male or female, young or old, or most especially an elected official, you have an opportunity to do what is right, the first time, every time and in every situation. When we do, we will change the lives of those around us for the better. We will be people of character. We will be servant leaders and we will be what God has called each of us to be. There is no higher purpose."