A Texas Success Story

Born to an Air Force family and then stationed in San Antonio when she was young, Susan attended South San Antonio High School attaining her GED while she was a teenage mother. Susan worked hard as a single mom to support her family taking responsibility for her life decisions. From waiting tables to driving a forklift in a warehouse, Susan held two jobs at the same time and worked overtime to make ends meet.

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"Whether leading a family, a state, a city or a nation, your principles should be the same — to understand the dreams and greater needs of the group or community and facilitate the process of arriving at a shared destination. You must be able to help assess the highest and best use of our collective assets. This can be a property to which a value can be given, a person or person’s talent that can contribute to the success of something and it is the sum of all the parts."

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Energy – Change the Trend

August 1, 2014

It is a sad reality that in today’s world we have accepted that we must pay $3.49 or more for a gallon of gas. While most of us shake our heads and grumble when it hits $50 or more to fill up our tank, the majority of us take no steps toward changing this trend.

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