Thank You!

Dear Family, Friends and Supporters:

While the results of this election were not what we hoped they would be, I thank each of you who entrusted your vote to me. I am deeply grateful to all of you who came alongside Mike and I to ensure that the people of District 35 had the opportunity to chose another path besides what has been the norm for so long.

It is my hope that you will stand ready to step into the arena yourself and carry the flag of freedom when it is needed the most. As in this journey, run the race that seems uphill, as the victory is in the doing. The reward is in the day-to-day journey and what we learn along the way.

I love this country and I respect the decision of the voters. I will continue to keep Congressman Doggett and his family in my prayers and I ask you to do the same. Our nation needs leaders now more than ever. It needs men and women of courage and conviction to come together to do the work of every American they represent. I hope he will consider our point of view as he votes on issues in this next term and I stand ready to do my part and be helpful in such a dialogue.

I thank you for putting your hands and feet to the work of this campaign. I hope that our campaign touched each of you in a special way and we left you inspired to serve one another. I thank God for the peace and strength that He and He alone can provide. I wait for Him to move my heart in the direction He would have me go forward and as I do I will continue to pray for America and its people.

America Matters,

Susan Narvaiz